Help with scrapers dying

For months I’ve had the same amount of scrapers, same proxies and everything has been fine. But recently they are getting hit hard. I’m losing 50-60 a day out of the 600 I have. So, have to keep buying new ones.

Atm I’m testing different suppliers, testing different proxies and still having issues keeping them alive.

Has their been another change in the algorithm or is the account creation quality not as good?

I use low api delays and 2-3 scrapers per proxy and still they die. A lot die on first login.


I just checked my scrapers and it seems like I got a little hit too.

I have around 30 died recently out of 400.

Are you using the tag name scraping method and doing all scraping inside Jarvee?

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Yeah. I used to use a scraper bot but I like how jarvee keeps engagement rates of sources as I use lots. So, scraping external results in bad follow back.

Do they also die if you run them on a 1:1 setup and on a phone (for testing)? To fix or debug such issues, you need to go back to the drawing board and remove any overhead (at least until you get some results).

Ive tried 1:1 with ipv6 and ipv4 and didn’t change much. I havn’t tried 1:1 4G yet. They run on phone, its only when they are scraping they die. Even with low limits of 100api calls every 6-12 hours

Lost also a lot of scrapers in the last 2 weeks. Peak was around 80 per day. After some trial and error I found a solution for me. I’m not using Jarvee, so I don’t know how to archive this with your setup, but what helped me on the scraper accounts:

  • upload every 2-3 days a photo
  • writing dm’s among themselves every 1-2 days (scraper1 writes scraper2 and scraper2 answers scraper1)

In my opinion, this emulates a bit more a normal user behavior as just scraping. Atm I loose with this method with all my normal settings which haven’t changed about months only 5-10 scrapers a day (which is my normal daily business).

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Unfortunately jarvee disables most tools for scrapers so that would make it hard to emulate. But good thinking on your end!

Try breaking the patterns you are using from time to time. For example, use a Scrapers Group 1 for 8 hours, then stop them and do some manual actions on them. They are hitting us strong so it seems.

You can use random action options in the advanced profile settings to emulate human behavior, those options will make the scraper do multiple actions, follow, unfollow, like

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I tried that in the past and didn’t notice much difference.

The culling seems to have slowed down it seems. Fingers crossed it stops.

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I use low api delays and 2-3 scrapers per proxy and still they die. A lot die on first login.
I know the reason.
jarvee login api has some bugs

I think it has nothing to do with login operation. When accounts die on first login, it’s usually because the accounts quality is not good. You should ask your provider to replace the accounts or try another account provider.

Have you ever tried using partial api emulation on your scraper accounts?

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Let’s hope it’s gonna stop soon :pray:

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I did when jv first added it but didn’t do anything

I see here that you lose scrapers, but what about main accounts? Do they get blocks?

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Not very often, usually its proxy related if a main dies. I have my own proxy setup so don’t have those issues anymore

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it has been 4 days since you posted this issue, any updates? did you make any changes?

Atm I’m just trialing different providers and different proxies. Some of the providers I used lots in the past don’t seem to be making great scrapers anymore.

Still losing some but no as much. So, must have been a wave that set them off. Fingers crossed.

Yes, that’s most likely it, but you will need to understand exactly what triggered that so that you can avoid it in the future, yes could be Ip’s/proxies.