Help with setting up jarvee

I bought 2 months of jarvee basic package (10 accounts) and after i got in and logged in my account i watched some videos about how to set it up.
I am now lost and have no clue what to do or how to set it up to run follow/unfollow constantly. Would anyone here mind helping me setup it up?

Is your account getting blocked? or are you still trying to set up scraper-main account method properly? You can share the video you’re watching here and tell us what issue you’re facing.


if you are lost on how to set the slave/main accounts you can check these articles


How many slave accounts are people using for each main account?

1 scraper account for 3 main accounts (1:3 ratio) used to work well,but nowadays scraper accounts die very quickly, so people start adding more scraper accounts. I personally use 1 scraper account for each main account .There are some users who use 2-3 scraper accounts for each main account.