Helper Tools for Instagram v2

I started using it and its being very useful for analysis.

Create list of followers/following of an Instagram account, find common users of 2 IG accounts, calculate likes/comments on profile

★★★ How does it work? ★★★

★ Go to, then click the extension icon, the popup window opens.

★ Free to use up until accounts of 10,000 followers / following after that you can become a premium member.

★★★ Top Features ★★★

1a ★ (Analyze Instagram accounts) Create a list of followers following in CSV (Excel / Google Sheets) for a specific Instagram account (all public or only private accounts you already follow).

1b ★ (Analyze likes and comments) Calculate the total amount of likes and comments for a specific Instagram account, and group them by likers. It will help to find the most engaged users with a specific Instagram account

2 ★ BETA (Follow / Unfollow) After you generated a list of followers/following, you can follow all people from the list. Some of them will follow you back and will grow followers.



Let us know if you have any thoughts!

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The tool does not function properly - let’s say you will try getting likes - the tool will skip most of them.
I contacted creator and got ignored - also no way of getting a refund for the features that do not work.

My advice - avoid it.