Hey did anybody know what is the meaning of social proof "To"

Hey did anybody know what is the meaning of social proof “To”

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The meaning of social proof? It basically means, that people tend to put more trust in things other people already approved. Lets make an example: If you run an ad on fb for an eBook and the advertised post does have 0 likes, your target audience will most likely not thing that this is a product they can trust. But if your advertised post has 1k+ likes and a few hundred comments talking about how awesome this eBook is your target audience will get a feeling of trust: If all these people found this post good (because thats what the likes and comments implicate) than I should have a closer look an it as well.

Btw: The idea of social proof was implemented back in 1984 (I think by a guy named Cialdini) and is the root for things like testimonials, reviews and so on. It’s a psychological effect also know as “herd behaviour”.


Well explained Thanks tho!

Yeah as @Vikkars has Said Social proof is the influence that the attitudes and actions of Other people around us have on our own behavior (ether online or in real life) . The “proof” element is the idea that if other people are doing it (or saying it), it must be correct.