Hey Guys Mike from NL here!


Hey Guys!

Im just new in the community but been a long active user of the software =]
My name is Mike and i’m from The Netherlands.
Im 24 years old, and working as a IT network/system manager.

Im currently running it as a side busines with 18 clients!

Registered my self to find people with the same grind and probaly with better ways to get more clients.

And ofcourse just to enjoy the community.

So peepz how life going for you?


Welkom! Ik stel voor dat we de taal in dit forum veranderen naar Nederlands. Ik denk dat we inmiddels een absolute meerderheid hebben.


Ahh Dutch :two_hearts: the language of the anonym Sim Cards :smiley:


hahaha i would say yes to that but then we will close out the people who dont understand dutch.

Lets keep it international i love speaking to different people from different countrys.
everyone knows english.


Nog een nederlander erbij, wij mogen wel een eigen sectie krijgen :slight_smile:

Translation, the more Dutch the beter, welcome.


Welcome to the forums, and see ya around!


Welkom :slight_smile: Oranje boven :smiley:


Welcome! Dutch invasion on MP #lol


mpsocial.nl maar snel registreren…


Only I know in Dutch is ‘wat solle mer drinke’ and all episods of New Kids :sweat_smile:


New Kids godverdomme… :smiley: