HI, can someone help me in figure-out my Instagram growth

I’m running two account for Instagram. But i’m not sure it’s getting good or still there are some way to get more better . main issues is i’m not getting good clicks on website compare to growth of these accounts.
Thanks for help in advance :pray:

How many unique sessions per day are you getting on your website with these two accounts?

Off the top of my head I can think of two things:

A) Your targeting (sources) aren’t on point.
B) Your call to action for people to click your link needs improvement.

i’m getting less than 5-10 clicks / month on website
A.i also thing my targeting source are not good, how i show you my settings ?
B. my post are very simple , i’ve no idea how to implement here call to cation

Thanks :slight_smile: for you opinion

Find creative ways to lead them to your bio in your caption.

Use your bio as its own call to action for people to click the link in the bio.

“Click below to get 10% off!” “Huge savings when you click the link below!” etc. etc.

Test, test, test and see what works! Good luck!

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Thanks :slight_smile: what about targeting source. can you please explain.
my these accounts are getting good in sane of followers, engagement , likes etc ?

Are you really trying to sell these for $40 o.O

Where are the hashtags at? Wheres the logo design at? Also, why are you posting so often? Maybe give your posts a chance at gaining some traction before throwing another post up.

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you can find some freelancers to share your link to click more.
Good luck! :blush:

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