Hi. Challenge driven guy here!

Hello there mpsocial community. :slight_smile: (high5 guys)

I started using Massplanner a couple of month ago and have studied it in depth. I started to bring in some money on the way. Currently I am doing CPA!

Challange driven?
What I had in mind here was that I find huge joy in pursuing goals. As an example trying to reach 10$/day or 20$/day or 50$/day (currently I am here hehe) gives me immense joy. What happens 2 days after I upkeep my goal is the money becomes worthless in my mind. It does not give me any joy. But hey it does buy stuff hehe.

Regards to all who are trying hard to make it :smile:


Welcome to the forum @mr.m , and a very nice introduction :smiley: if you follow up with this you should go far :). Definitely eager to see you succeed, maybe even start a journey if you feel up to it.

Thank you @Johnny ! I sure hope it will take me far :slight_smile: I did not plan to start a forum journey. I tend to keep my diaries private at the moment. Might do it some time in the future tho :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No problem, journey are not for everybody, that is for sure, just be a helpful member of the community and that will be enough :wink:

Welcome @mr.m

May I know where are you promoting CPA offers? :slight_smile:
I’m just curious if you’re doing it on Instagram like almost everyone else or you’ve found another way :slight_smile:

I followed the crowd, so Instagram it is atm… :slight_smile:

I plan to spread out on other platforms as well… soon enough :slight_smile:

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Nice to hear you’re planning to start promoting on other platforms, let us know how it goes.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here and make new friends. :smile: