Hi Everyone, I am Manol


Hi there,
I am excited how much valueable information do we have here, shared by the amazing community!
Thank you guys for investing your time in this forum!

I am Manol - tech startup founder & it’s lead developer in the dropshipping niche. I have also experience in eBay dropshipping and digital marketing. Unfortunately, I don’t have this long beard anymore, but my avatar is awesome, isn’t it? :smiley:

I always connect with the like - minded people, so you can always say Hi in personal message.
I am here to grow my business, so let’s grow togheter!


Welcome to MPSocial Manol :clap:


Welcome mate :slight_smile: And if that is not the most Bulgarian sounding name, I don’t know what is :slight_smile:


Enjoy your stay and welcome!


You got me! It is the most bulgarian name and his owner drinks Rakia sometimes, but preffer not to drink at all :smiley:


Welcome to the MP community!