Hi everyone, is anyone using Facebook in jarvee

It’s very difficult to log in to Facebook in jarvee, even I can’t log in manually. I can’t synchronize the group and page data after logging in, crying. Will yours be like this?

What happened when you were trying to log in manually on the embedded browser? What did FB say?

Do another sync operation (Social profiles > Actions > Sync) while keeping the embedded browser open, then watch what happens on the embedded browser as Jarvee is trying to sync those data. check if you get any error in Summary tab.

I have synced many times and still nothing happens

I can see that you’re running Jarvee on a VPS. Are you using a proxy on that FB account?

The account is not valid yet and it’s not logged in on the embedded browser, correct?

Later, I successfully logged in, the account is valid but there is still no group data, and the search group function does not seem to work :no_mouth:

I never hear so far someone using Jarvee for facebook… Does it work in some way or are other softares for facebook like jarvee?

Sorry to see your information now, I have just contacted jarvee, he can have multiple accounts and automate Facebook operation, I think this is great