Hi everyone! Love this place! cant believe that ive been missing out on such an amazing community!

. Im 27, Im from IL, US
. Ive been doing internet marketing for about 6 months, but have done other marketing, advertising, and telemarketing jobs in the past.
I love internet marketing, my business has been growing quickly. Were at about $2500 in monthly revenue right now,.
. I can help with instagram automation questions, how to increase follow back ratios on software like jarvee, I can get 30-60% follow back ratios over time. Super excited to soak up the wealth of information here and contribute the best I can! Right now running an agency that I co-own, and scaling has been a fun and tedious process. hoping to gain some knowledge to ease the process along and help out anyone else on the same path!


Hi and welcome,
How do you get 30-60% follow back ratio?
Any tips you might have will be welcomed.

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use bulk sources when starting off, multiply by number of follows it takes to get accurate fb ratio, then divide by number of follows your acct does per day. 80 sources x 500 follows is 40000 follows. at 800 a day itll take 50 days to get the fbs of 80 sources, its not that hard to get high fbs, you just need to think about it logically. lots of sources get you decent fbs from the get go just based on the law of averages, then its just a search for the top sources and then refining your targets and reposting what you their followers already follow. you can get 40-60% or more pretty easily tbh., it takes time, good content and reposting after you get above 30%, and not every acct has that potential, but you defintly can get 30-60 with enough searching. track a certain amount of targets for maybe 500 follows, every other month or however long it takes, cut the lowest, keep the top, add more, repeat, and just make adjustment, and use good jusdgement, when you have your top accts targetted after awhile, start reposting and adjusting your content to further increase your fb%, if you have 10 accts over 30% after 3 months of follows, create a campaign with pics composed from all the remaining targets. then add maybe 50 more accts, or 40, or if thats doesnt work, 100, sometimes more/ its a process that takes time, but its not hard, you just have to be patient, and use logic when tracking targets. 10 accts x 500 follows, is 5000 total, you follow 800 a day, shoukd take 6 days to analyze them based on that logic. also test what follow count you believe saves the most time but has adequate accuracy to make a decision. maybe 300 works, maybe 500 works better, maybe you decide 2000, or 1000, depends on lots of things, but experiment. you can do it. :nerd_face::+1:


Cheers mate,pretty detailed.
What about follow targets?People who interact or followers or targeted people?

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followers, people who comment and like are gonna have lower conversions than if you target just the actual followers. i know, it kinda defys logic, but trust me, followers will have higher conversions.

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BUT…what niche? I work with clients from all walks of life. It’s impossible to get those numbers in every single niche. Nothing you can for the local florist from schaumburg, il. But if it’s Molly the Stripper, you can certainly get these numbers.

Lastly, welcome to the community.

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Awesome to see you contributing already. Welcome to the forums, mate!

See ya around!

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Awesome and detailed contribution! :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum Mychal_Hyman!

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Thanks! Glad to be here!

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