Hi, folks! I`m from East Europe )


Hi, folks! Im from East Europe, and Im here for MPsocial collective knowledge about providing socials accs. Im novice in this theme and at the MPsocial too. Hope we`ll conversate friendly. Thanks.


Welcome! Always nice to see new people :wink:


Welcome! Where exactly from Eastern Europe? Just curious :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. It is great pleasure to get such words :blush:


As I remember my city is on the south part of the Middle Russian Upland :sunny:


Welcome to the community! If you stick around for a while, you’re going to learn a lot.


Welcome @Aizenk , enjoy your stay.


Thank you. I somewhat unexpectedly took up this theme, so I decided to go deeper into it


Thanks, I already like it here: the old-timers are such hospitable


Welcome to the group!!


Thanks a lot.


Welcome, I am also from Eastern Europe, I am glad that there other entrepreneurs from the region!


welcome to the cafe at the end of the universe


Welcome, enjoy the community


Welcome to the group!!