Hi 😊 guy Ms looking for some advice

Hey guys :blush:, pleasure to meet all y’all still :slightly_smiling_face: I’m looking to create a side hustle for myself via Instagram. I’m a spiritual life coach who is also certified in both NLP and Hypnosis (versed in the Ericksonian method as well). I want to be able to fund my businesses/passion as well as to be able to enjoy life and, to have a personal sense of pride knowing I created income for myself by myself (not really as I’m enlisting the help of all you fine people :grin:). I want to generate, at least 10k a month, any ideas on how I can do that with Instagram? If this objective is more suited on another social media platform do let me know. Thanks for your time, have yourselves a beautiful and productive day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Stef

Great job on setting a goal, that is the first step!

IG is a great way to get to 10K a month, but it should not be your only social media.
For example, TikTok might be a great platform for your niche, and the organic reach there is huge.

Try to set up an awesome content calendar for your socials, and spread knowledge/value to get some cash in return! You can easily start coaching once you get a medium sized following.

Hey thanks for the reply my guy :grin:(or girl). Yeah, I’m already on the top tikky tok, I also utilize my WhatsApp, FB and yt, slow process but worth it still :grin:. What would you consider a decent amount of following?

Do what you do best and hire a social media marketer. It will save you time and will bring more results.
You don’t need to do everything by yourself :slight_smile: