Hi guys i need Motivation

Im about to start instagram client Management, but i want some motivation, if someone can tell me expected clients I can Get first month after sending like 1 - 3k dms daily, could you guys tell me your experience and if there is a hope in a future success.

Best regards!


1-3k DMs daily? Jesus…


yeah whats wrong lets say 20 per account so its 50 acounts to send 1k


I think you got the motivation thing under control.


Could you Clarify?

I would suggest start reading books about sales and marketing and also watch youtube videos on the same and start learning the techniques and you’ll soon swim in a pool full of motivation.

Improving your skillset in sales will drastically help you in getting more clients and managing them.

Tip - Talk to your clients often and guide them with their account so that they’ll feel you’re someone who they can rely on and keep working with you on a longterm basis.


I already have an experience how to manage accounts and all instagram techniques also i have great experience in the past with customers, but not with management i another instagram service, your answer mean a lot of me , but im looking forward to an existant experience,
Best regards!

If you are thinking of 1-3k DMs per day, i assume you are well on the right track and also doing amazing to sent that many. Not to mention you are also really hardworking and that is already 50% of your motivation coming from your very own self. You can do it. Goodluck.

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It’s impossible to tell an accurate estimate of how many clients you may be able to get because it greatly depends on what sort of message you’re sending, what sort of accounts and what sort of followers you have.

There are two possible scenarios.

  1. You get a lot of clients from the very beginning and everything works out as you planned. <-- This scenario almost never happens. Life isn’t that easy. Sorry. I have never heard of anyone who has had immediate success or was able to hit their benchmarks from the get go.

  2. You struggle to get clients like everyone else in the beginning. But you’re determined to succeed so you learn from every step you take and improve. <-- This scenario is how it usually goes for people who succeed.

From your post, it seems to me that you have the right mindset. I’ll be lying to you if I said you’ll be extremely successful from the very beginning. But, if you keep this mindset and keep going, I can tell you that you will find success sooner or later.

You’re on the right track.

Good luck.



Thank you for your motivation

Thanks for this amazing Answer and i hope i am on the right track to the success

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wow - well I for one very rarely look at dms as its all spam with people asking for things.

but some people do and they will look at your own profile to see what you are doing there, and it would depend on that.


Hi Alphawinski,
nice approach. Unfortunately, I havent tried it on my own. I recommed you the JOURNEY-section, some people have posted that they tried with DMs, but as far as I remember, most of them said they had no good experience with it.

E.g. in this thread:

For sure you will find there a lot of useful tips also!
Maybe you find a way to get many clients via DMs, just give it a try.

Good luck to you :four_leaf_clover:


Thank’s so much For the Awesome Advice

Hey man,

Here’s a breath of fresh air…

I have about 20 accounts DM-ing around 50-70 people daily.

I get 20-30 people interested in my growth services per day.

It’s a matter of getting them on the phone and making the close.

It’s not easy. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a lot of conversation and wasted energy at times.

But it’s definitely a great way to make some nice side income.

Since there’s some saturation already in the market for this, you can only charge like up to $99/mo. for the service MAXIMUM.

Therefore, you need some 50 clients let’s say to actually make a decent income from this whole thing.

Just my two cents.

Good luck :0


What is your DM message & approach? Possibly you could post here and get some good feedback to help increase your effectiveness.

Do you have current accounts to provide as social proof for your services. Makes a big difference.

Definitly, your reply is what i was looking for!, looking for another awesome reply

very interesting answer :slight_smile::+1: , thanks for chiming in

May I ask you - this price is for doing f/u and likes for the client, nothing else, right?


I have 675 accounts Dming 35 messages every day… So it’s 24k per day, 2 VA’s responding every day :smiley:


If you haven’t started yet and already need motivation, I’m kind of concerned about the future of your business. Maybe you should try to find something you like more and be good at it. Money is only a consequence of the value you provide to your target.

This market is massive and saturated, but the high-end market has still tons of room for growth. I would try to sell my services for $990 per month, and really bust my ass to deliver. More money, more focus, fewer clients, fewer headaches.