Hi 😊 guys, looking for some advice

How is the best way to gain a lot of followers on the tikky tok?

Probably you are looking for some other answer, but the best way is to produce quality content on a constant basis.
Otherwise, if you don’t need a personal account - you can repost viral videos.


Content. good content. and engagement.
in overall, when you create good content engagement will follow.

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Appreciate the advice still :grin::grin:

It’s really easy to go viral if you content is good. Just focus on good and consist content and the followers will come :slight_smile:

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I also have a problem with followers. My account is 6 days old and I have only 400 followers. My videos get some views from 1K to 6K but I don’t get any engagement. Anyone has any tip?
My name is Windowshopperfrankfurt :pray:t2:

With TikTok, same as Youtube, the content is everything. Sometimes just posting, without doing any other actions can lead you towards the followers explosion.

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Thanks guys :grin:

Using trending hashtags is one of the easiest ways to get more views on your videos. When you use trending hashtags, TikTok will show your video to more of your followers and to more people on their β€œFor You” page, that way, you generated more new followers.

Have you tried to join those TikTok challenges? Usually the posts with hashtags of challenges (eg. #thisnameofsongdancechallenge) gets to the FYP and on the Explore thingy.

using the Top sound with hashtags will also get your accounts on For You page.

Ahhhh yeaaaaaaaaa baybaaaaaaaa :smiley: keep these helpful vibes coming! :grin: I want to reciprocate. If any of you need a good cheese cake recipe, I’m your guy :grin: my cheese cakes are 2nd to none still :grin::heart::muscle:t5::smiley::drooling_face::yum:

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I agree with the guys above, make sure to follow the trend and use/post with trending song, if you can make some unique content it would be even better that is stil the best way to get viral.

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Send at least some pics :smiley: I am on a diet after the vacay but hey ho :smiley:

Good content and consistent. TikTok algorithm gives you the options to go viral much more easily than other platforms. This is the best way to succeed in Tiktok.

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what do you mean by Tiktok gives you options to go viral? are you referring to some specific methods?

What I mean is that it’s much easier to go viral on TikTok than Instagram or Facebook.

Totally agreed. That’s the only way to go to when it comes to TikTok.

yes, but not as 1 year ago when the platform was still basically new and everyone is following everything now it requires some work, but with good strategies and techniques it sould work fast.

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I appreciate all of this, thanks guys :grin: