Hi!I Have 11k followers and one week ago in every post I got 1k+ per post now I have 50 like per post?

Anyone know how to solve this?I use ads too in photo🙏

did you get a post removed?

No I just deleted some of them with 50 like

Prolly you’ve got some sort of shadowban. I assume it should be lifted with time, just continue posting as you’ve been before.

Have you made any changes in your actions or anything different than usual?

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Sorry, I don’t get it, do you mean the number of likes on your posts decrease? or do you get only 50 likes every time you publish a new post?

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@Jaha I just add some ads on my photo like first photo is original second is ad

@ossi one week ago I got 1k plus per photo now 50+ I don’t know what to do

I see. Is it a personal or business account? You should check if the account gets shadowbanned. After you publish a new post, click on the hashtag you use on that post and see if your post will show up. If you don’t see your post, it means your account gets shadowbanned.

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1k likes in an account with 11k followers is too high engagement (10%), it seems you were doing something good, and you stopped.

Getting 1k likes in every post, it’s a damn dream, check if you were using some specific hashtags in your previous posts that helped you get those likes.

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@ossi business account.Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@AbdelGueraa Yeah I got like that but now I don’t know what happened :thinking:

@ossi I posted a photo I click hashtags and my photo wasn’t there if I got shadowban do you know what to do :v::purple_heart:

shadowbanes ay?

@Blanca What should I do to remove shadowban​:v::purple_heart:

You might want to check Instagram Ads | Account Trust Scores & Reach - #48 by wissiyou

It’s mentioned here that one user had a drastic drop on engagement and reach after using ads

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check out the posts in this thread: Number one cause of shadowbans- AKA Hashtags suck you know what

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Try with erasing hashtags (until period that you got that drop in likes number) and temporarily disable account for 4 days at least. After that two posts a day, viral content to boost up the momentum.

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