Hi! I'm learining all I can about instagram marketing!

Hey All!

A brief introduction. I am operating an online sales website, for which I am using a number of instagram account for marketing.

My main approach is using MP to automate activites (follows, likes, a bit of comments and posting). This enabels me to get visits on my IG accounts, and ultimately my website (links in bio).

If anybody has any questions or discussion points let me know. I have been playing around with this for about 8 months now. However, I’ve been using different tools, I only just swithced to MP.

Best of luck to all of us trying to make some money off of IG!


Welcome to MPsocial @Aleksandar_Besarovic

We’re glad to have you here. Enjoy your stay and good luck with your online ventures.

Thanks! You too!

Welcome to the community @Aleksandar_Besarovic stick around, read everything you can find and keep at it and you’ll succeed :wink: Also don’t forget to share your success with the rest of the members.

Thanks! Will do. I am still in the process of setting-up my massplanner accounts. As soon as I start making some noteworthy progress I’ll let the forum know!

Welcome to the forum Alek :wink: Glad to have you here.

I see that you are still in the process of setting-up accounts in your Mass Planner, if you don’t know how a certain function works check our Knowledge Base or our Videos Tutorials and if you didn’t find what you are looking for there just ask here in the forum or contact support :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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Thanks Said. Got it all covered