Hi there, from Rome!


Hey nice to meet you!

I started reading this forum a couple of days ago and I’m still here! I opened my browser two days ago and I haven’t yet closed it, I have 13 windows open with articles to read.
Is there a section for those who can’t get away? If there isn’t one we should create one.

I have some profile on IG and I made several Facebook Ads, I hope to grow first of all in these two areas (I would like to earn enough to make them my job) and then to study the rest.

So, I think we’ll see each other often over the next few months, or even in Rome!

(Ps. Sorry for my english, I’m still a student)


Welcome to MP Social :grin:


Welcome to the forums, and don’t forget to participate in all the discussions!

And your English is great, don’t worry.


Thank you guys!


Ciao aale!
Great to meet you and hello from Lodi!
What MPSOCIAL level are you in?
Good luck with your business!


Ciao @aale

Happy to meet you.

Greetings from a fellow italian!



Thank you all!

Ciao gente, @Purp1ePie @GIULIOPT95 It’s really nice to find compatriots! :joy:
Here I’m a basic users but I’ve been using Instagram (in a professional way) for a year and I think I have the knowledge of level 2. I will try to do some guide to level up. I’m just afraid to say something I should’t say! :speak_no_evil:

Viva la pizza!



Benvenuto! :yum::yum:


Being from Rome, have you ever had Pinsa before? A pinsa place opened up near me, and it’s almost better than regular pizza!


@aale benvenuto :wink: :wink: è sempre bello vedere italiani in questa community!


@Broked @Vgs
Grazie ragazzi! :blush:
(sapete per caso a chi posso scrivere per ottenere un badge? Devo farmi verificare da un moderatore)

So this profile that says that Pinsa is better than Pizza must be a fake or a bot. Please let us know about the moderators.
Pizza rules!


Italian guys, if you want pm me your phone number so that I can setup a WhatsApp group to exchange info and advices :slight_smile:


benvenuto!!! :it: qualsiasi cosa chiedi!



Will travel to Rome soon myself ( January )
Such a beautiful city! :slight_smile:


Welcome! Hope you get a lot of good value, and contribute back!


welcome in this comunity! benvenuto! sempre piu italiani


Welcome to the show…


Chiedo scusa ,ma perché avete segnalato il mio messaggio come inappropriato .?
Sono nuova e sinceramente avevo solo chiesto se conoscevate dei buoni proxies per l’Italia.
Grazie Laura


Check your inbox :slight_smile:


Welcome there is a crazy amount of great info here as I have found too, how do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time!