Hi, what type of services can I provide on Instagram

Recently, i was giving the service of picture writing on my instagram but now i want to explore new things.

Can you guys tell what type of other services can I provide

You can sell IG growth services for example: follow/unfollow service, IG growth through mother/slave method. There are plenty of helpful threads about mother/slave method on this forum.

That is not very original. Everybody is already offering that :smiley:

Custom content creation
Content repurposing
Hashtag research
Content calendars

What are your strengths? List them out and send them to your best clients and ask them what they would like.


you can provide account management or advertising stuff if you have big accounts and a good experience.

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you can also provide shoutout to shoutout service if you have big accounts

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I sell community outreach (jarvee) as my base service, then upsell:

  • Mass Giveaways
  • Mass DMs
  • Engagement and Power Comments
  • Content Mgmt.
  • Ads Mgmt.