Hi , whats the best way to avoid getting too much PV in instagram account?

hi , whats the best way to avoid getting too much PV in instagram account?

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Phone verification commonly happens if you often switch IPs and devices from where you login or when you’re using too aggressive settings, If you start to get this constantly, that might mean that Instagram is starting to suspect those accounts, you should slow down for a while (use low settings, you can gradually increase them later), also, make sure to have a max of 3 accounts per proxy.

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Use scraper accounts, and don’t do manual actions on your phone at the same time when the account is running in Jarvee. Limit the tools to 100 follows/unfollows/likes and 20 comments/DMs.


Please think about what else these IG accounts have in common, which can be the reason why IG is asking for PV:

Do you post the same content from all accounts?

Do you use the same links in bio?

Do you use the same content?

Did you use the same number for verification for all accounts?

Also, you may have this kind of problem because of the bad proxies

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nice thanks for explain guys i learned something

If you are referring to main accounts, they have stated already some practices to avoid when running them (tight settings, using unsafe proxies, aggressively using the account/s while automating) but you might also want to consider the factor whether there are a lot of accounts connected to one device only or if you tried accessing one account using multiple devices.