Hidden likes test - please comment and rebell


one of my Norwegian client this morning told me that she is not able to see likes anymore on other’s pictures and on her’s too , she had to click on the image to see who liked it:

I was shocked and i have researched online and when opening twitter i got this message:

Now this is Obviously another attempt of Instagram to damage us, and to leave “jobless” all the influencers…Cant think of Kim Kardashian reaction when she wakes up and see no likes on her picture hahaha

anyway Jokes a part, they are testing and want to see our reaction… Of course I did leave a comment and I invite you all to rebel to this and to bring back the likes…


Think about it in the positive side (all we’ve got). Brands will still want to see likes numbers and spammy SMM panels will die, content will be prioritized and we wont have to worry about like blocks!

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The first word that comes up in my head when i think about IG is “like”. I guess not anymore.

Yeah they are running a test for hide likes on specific countries. its something instagram have been working on since january 2019.

Can you see if your friend likes also that image? or it´s completely anonymous with likes?

How do you think this will effect influencers?

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they just hide from preview,not in detail then.
i think it wont running well.

instagram fans make like as a trophy
when they lost their trophy
they will lost their fans

what left only silent users and bot. :smiley:

I think it’s not 100% anonymous

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Instagram just remove likes in a lot more countries today. They a probably going to do the hidden likes in a lot of countries now

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I still think they will do a lot of testing before they implement it and if it lowers the amount of time people spend on IG which I think it will they will bring back the likes.