HideMyNumbers a scam?

I just sign up yesterday to http://hidemynumbers.com and put 10$ on it :confused:
now it’s about 24 hours and my balance still under review , support do not answer …
I saw a video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfhJCMByERk , it 's there official channel the first comment says _

THIS IS A SCAM! I sent them money and they have yet to put any money into my balance! DO NOT USE THEM. I’ve made tickets, sent emails, the whole 9 yards. Its been a week now and nothing. STAY AWAY! SCAM!_

:frowning: I’m really confused right now , I’m losing to much time … should I request a refund from paypal or just wait ?

I already said this 100x times, don’t use these services for verification, you’ll just get your accounts in trouble.

Yes, we have them integrated in Mass Planner, but just because some of users (who really don’t care about their accounts) asked for it.

That doesn’t mean you have to use them. Get your own sims, real ones.

Regarding your money, wait for a day or two and just ask for refund through Paypal, they’ll refund you fast, they don’t want troubles with their PP account.


i have the same problem like u

i’m top up 20$ via btc on there
already 26 hours my balance still zero

With 10 USD :
You could get about 500 PV on most russian websites or 10 bullet-proof sim cards.

Where do you get these $1 bulletproofs from?

Romanian sim cards

can u pm me the service