Hidemynumbers Website

Hey guys,

hopefully i posted this the right place, I used to use hidemynumbers.com for sms activations for accounts which needed to be verified on Instagram. However the site doesnt seem to generate numbers anymore.

Anyone else who used this site before and have the same issue?

Its been over a month now and their support is non existent …

I still have funds in the account too

Their site hasn’t generated numbers since mid April. I submitted a dispute to paypal for my funding, got my money back and moved on. I’d suggest you do the same if you can

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What provider do you suggest to PV accounts? Because I read here in the forum that most of them are having some problems lately.

I typically use smspva


i am using sms-activate.ru now and they much cheaper than smspva

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Do they only have russian numbers?

no they have quite a few countries

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getsmscode.com has also been working for me