High follow back ration sources - Trick

This is really simple and will be kept short. Perhaps this is very obvious for most of you but for newer people it might help out.

What I have done to find sources with 40-60% follow back ratio is to be lazy, target pages that are already doing F/UF, or other growth methods common here.
Simple as that. They have already done the work for you and filtered the users (make sure their engagement is not sh*t tho you dont want bots).

How can you find them?

  • Use Ninjalitics to see any F/UF patterns on acounts (can take some time)
  • Be a bit sneaky and see if anyone has posted their page somewhere on forums, IG groups on FB or even someone that sells pages. I have had massive success with pages that were up for sale.
  • If you are in any dm groups, or notice a page is using dm groups, check or ask if they use F/UF and then target their accounts. Make sure to ask in a nice way, create a connection first or something.
    In a sense I try to find, or get targeted by people that already use automation.

Might not be the biggest wow thread on the forums but yeah.
Have a good weekend!


Nice thread @blu3n0va - A very useful technique to build your first thousand or two for social proof. Another technique if you just want quick followers is to target people who have a following between 5000-7000 (these tend to be the mass follow/unfollowers who never engage).

From my experience there comes a time when you want to focus on getting higher engagement over a high followback ratio. Sometimes it’s better to keep a 10% source if that source yields higher than usual engagement. Having a higher engagement is more attractive to sponsors (not so much clients).


Right on the money, also to add clients don’t like having new followers that do follow 5000-7000 because they never see their content nor engage.

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Love the input here!
Engagement is key later on for sure as it helps with ranking in tags and hitting Explore page etc, but as you Said good way to kickstart a page.

Thanks for the reply!

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Good point, thats why filters/settings are very important if automation is used :slight_smile:

Usually, those who are doing F/UF has big followings numbers so if account has 2k+ followings in 80% cases he does F/UF, it can save you some time without checking it on ninja

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Nice tip! But don’t forget that if you need good filters, as there is a high chance that a part of those followers are bots.

Also, you should check too the engagement rate of those accounts, because if they have a low ER and you follow their follows, that audience won’t engage with your content.