🌐 HIGH-QUALITY 5G & 4G MOBILE PROXIES | Available locations in United States (New York and Texas), Germany, UK, Austria, and Israel | MULTILOCATION FEATURE | 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL | FREE JARVEE TOOLS | FAST | RAW | UNLIMITED DATA

Hello social media automation enthusiasts!

It’s us again, TheSocialProxy, giving freebies to our valued customers :wink:

For the past few months, we noticed that despite the challenges that existing IG automation users are facing, a lot of newbies and aspiring automation experts are emerging.

With this, it has come to our attention to finally make a formal announcement once again that the TheSocialProxy team is always here to give our clients FREE services such as the following:

  • Introduction to the Basics of Jarvee Automation (IG, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and ect.)
  • Basic Troubleshooting when using Jarvee Automation
  • Optimization of Jarvee Automation for Account Growth
  • How to Scrape Details Using Jarvee
  • Jarvee Settings to Avoid Account Ban and Block

Bonus: We give free guides and resources to our dear clients who want to broaden their knowledge and skills when using Jarvee. You can check our website to know more about it.

We are a proxy provider company that offers 4G residential raw proxies created from 100% owned equipment and servers and offers free professional Jarvee tools and resources to its valued clients.

TheSocialProxy’s proxies have also MULTILOCATION FEATURE now. You can now switch to the other two locations of your choice twice in a month.

We are experts in the field of Jarvee, social media automation and web scraping and crawling and have managed hundreds of clients’ social media accounts from all over the world in the course of 3 years. We regularly publish how-to guides and other Jarvee-related posts to various relevant communities such as Facebook groups and MPSocial which are in line with our niche and we have successfully guided and helped a lot of individuals and social media growth agencies who would like to endeavor into the world of automation and web scraping and crawling. We do not simply provide high-quality 4G proxies but we also support aspiring and budding Jarvee automators who do need guidance for successful social media growth using the Jarvee platform.




Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of proxies do you offer?

TheSocialProxy offers raw and private 5G & 4G mobile proxies.

Are the mobile proxies shared across multiple users?

NO. You will be the only owner of your proxy. These are dedicated 5G & 4G RAW proxies so you can use it on 1 account or multiple accounts. It is up to you.

Enlighten me about 5G and 4G proxy, I want to know more.

5G and 4G proxies are the best choices especially when you’re dealing with social media automation. They are capable of an automatic IP change and have high trust rate with social media platforms. For further information about 4G proxies, you may also check our blog Why 4G & 5G Proxy is the best choice for Social Media Automation - The Social Proxy: High Quality 5G & 4G Proxies.

What operators do you use for USA-based proxies?

For USA (New York and Texas) operator, we use T-mobile.

What operators do you use for Germany-based proxies?

For the Germany operator, we use O2.

What operators do you use for UK-based proxies?

For UK operators, we have Vodafone, EE and Three.

What operators do you use for Israel-based proxies?

We use Pelephone, Partner Telecommunications and Hot Mobile for Israel-based proxies.

What operators do you use for Austria-based proxies?

In Austria, we use O2 for the operator.

Do your proxies have limited bandwidth?

Our proxies have unlimited bandwidth! That means you can use our proxy as much as you’d like without being worried about overcharges.

How many social media accounts may handle these proxies?

Each social media platform has its own set of rules and algorithms. The quantity of accounts you can operate per proxy is directly proportional to the trust score, settings, and the software you chose to run your accounts. Nevertheless, we highly recommend running 5-10 accounts per proxy only.

What is the authorization method?

Our proxy authorization is made by inputting the username and password.

Can we whitelist our IPs?

We don’t provide access through IPs right now. Only through passwords and username. But we could notify you in the future when we will allow authorization through IP.

Do your proxies rotate?

Our proxies can be manually/automatically rotated every 3 minutes the least.

How many IPs are there per proxy?

Each of our 5G & 4G proxies give you an unlimited stream of IPs. Each proxy can be rotated manually, automatically or via API which means that in every rotation you will get a new and clean IP.

Where can I see your pricing?

Hi, here’s the link to check the pricing for our services Pricing - The Social Proxy: High Quality 5G & 4G Proxies. We also offer a 24-hr free trial if you wish to try our service.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes, we offer 24-hour free trial for our new clients. Just create an account on our site and provide the necessary details to get started.

Do you offer a discount?

Yes, we offer discounts for multiple/bulk purchases.

Do you guys offer discounts for larger orders?

Hi! Yes we do. For further information about it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is your refund policy?

72 Hours Money Back Guarantee - You can send a ticket to ask for the refund. We’ll ask a quick question regarding the reason for cancellation for documentation purposes and service improvement and we will process the refund right away.

How will I know if I’m already subscribed?

You will receive a proxy license key with a format like this in your dashboard: IP:PORT@USERNAME:PASSWORD

When you order the proxies, when do you get them?

Once you sign up and complete everything, you will immediately receive your proxy.

Are annual plans available?

At the moment, we don’t offer annual plans. Instead we offer monthly plans which can also be cancelled anytime.

Where can I get customer service support?

You can visit our website at https://thesocialproxy.com/ and access our live chat. It will appear on the screen once you visit the site. You may also message us on Facebook or you may create an account on our website so you can send us a ticket here at https://thesocialproxy.com/support-center/ for queries. We will provide you with all the information that you need.

Contact Us:

Web: https://thesocialproxy.com/

Email: support@thesocialproxy.com


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Pick out of our available locations: UK, Austria and Israel. Comment “weekfreetrial” to get your 7-day free trial today! Feel free to leave your comment below.