High Quality T Shirt Partner

Hey guys,

I’m looking for some suggestions on a high quality producer of T-Shirt (by demand/drop shipping). I established a partnership with a combined network of 1M followers to offer the shirts. As mentioned earlier, looking for high quality suppliers. Suggestions of any kind will be welcomed! Anybody here has done something like this before?

Thank you all!

Where abouts are you located?

Well maybe try at alibaba od DH Gate, dunno where you want to find the supplier

If you are looking for high quality Print On Demand then i suggest Printful - yes, it is not cheap but the quality is excellent and the colors are vibrant and do not wash out after a few washes.

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I’ll check them out! Thank you. I’m not located there, but biggest audience is brazil

Use printful they are good

Forget about any service outside Brazil, you won’t be able to import them and if you do, the taxes will be super high. Find a POD in Brazil, I know ppl making good money there with it.

The clothing industry is huge in Brazil you will find prices like China.

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You can try Alibaba there are a lot of reliable suppliers :wink:

The company I use ship all over the world pretty much, they sell a lot of the larger influencers merch. It requires you signing a contract for a minimum of 12 months, but it’s all done very professionally, doesn’t require any outlay by you and gives you a negotiable percentage of sale back (typically 20-33%). I can pass you on to my account manager if you want.
A lot of other places don’t require the contract though.