Highproxies waiting time

I just purchased social media proxies from Highproxies
Its already been 8 hours and the proxy is still not being generated. The status is “pending”
Anyone from here purchased proxies from them before and know how long they would finally give me the proxy?

Also any other proxy service provider you guys recommend?

Thank you in advance


They usually are automatic.

I personally think they are terrible proxies for slaves/ mains and have had lots of issues with them. They could be useful for scrapers

Thank you for your reply.
However I have already paid for the proxy
which other proxies provider you recommend?

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@Boris may be able to help you out

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I am looking for 3-5 4G proxies.
what he provides seems a bit too much for me


You can check this sales thread:

highproxies have a lot of issues, and they should work after the purchase is made you don’t have to wait for 8 hours, ask to change those proxies becasue they are most likey broken.

If you think you’re having issues. It’s nothing compared to zproxies. These have the worst customer service and won’t fix anything.