Hijacked IG accounts. Be Careful!

I am new to Jarvee and have been learning about the Mother/Child method for the past month or so.

Due to my lack of experience, we purchased IG slave accounts from accsmarket.com, only to find out that these accounts do not last very long and are not of good quality.

We then discovered MP Social, which has been very helpful in providing information and suppliers too.

We purchased 20 accounts from a supplier we found on MP Social who provided AI-made accounts. The transaction went smoothly, and the supplier even answered some of my questions.
Two days later, another IG account supplier reached out to us on MP Social and offered IG accounts.
We bought another 20 accs to test and see which supplier provided better quality accounts.

We set up the accounts on Jarvee and SU Social, and changed the passwords on both the IG accounts and the related email accounts.

We then proceeded with a warmup process where the accounts sat for a certain number of days without any action.
On day 5, we received an ‘Invalid Credentials’ message on both Jarvee and SU Social, and found that accounts had been hijacked.
The account information had been changed, and we no longer had access to the IG accounts or emails.

Although the monetary loss was small, it was frustrating to have wasted our time.

We wanted to warn others to be careful when buying accounts.

And maybe ask trusted members of this community if anyone have a reliable account seller that they have tested and can recommend?

We contacted both suppliers, but have not heard back from them yet.

We don’t want to blame them until we are 1000% sure that we did not make any mistakes on our end. Although, it’s pretty obvious to us what happened.

Initially, we thought that Jarvee may have leaked our account information, but we later discovered that Jarvee stores account information on our servers, so they do not have access to it.

Also to mention that the first accounts we used were from accsmarket, and although they were low-quality bot-made accounts that did not last long, we did not have any issues with them being stolen.


I had the same experience in last weeks of accounts being hijacked and info changed not yet in big quantity of accounts but unfortunately it happening. I get angry because its accounts that I working on for longer time. Your best way is to make accounts yourself, or if you buy somewhere see to change email pass and account pass, or 2fa enabled once you get them. It can happen with any seller its hard to know…

Yeah its been like that way for years unfortunately. Most of the suppliers are brute force hackers so either they take them back or a competitor does.

I know a guy that brute forces their ones and says its easy as they often use the same password and similar emails for everything.

We stopped using them a year or so a go for this reason. Also learnt the emails can’t be used to as either they die fast or get hacked and ig can be taken.

Only way is to change the email pass, then the email and the ig pass. Log out all past logins.

For safety measure please change credentials as soon as you purchase.
Also you should only buy accounts from #public-marketplace as all the sellers are verified here, so that even you face any issue regarding any matter you can post a dispute in #public-marketplace:shitlist then moderators will take care of the dispute.


In case of hacked accounts being reversed and sold, changing credentials might help to prevent users to log back to their accounts again - but that’s a limited solution. Everyone can still get their account back, with the click of a few buttons.

Indeed, aged accounts being sold in quantity are very often (if not always) accounts that may/will get logged out.

Take home message : create them yourself, even if it’s slowly, but surely :dizzy:

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Well this is happening even with sellers from marketplace here. Btw this guy ARoNNN is good supplier for custom made accounts, never had such problem with his accounts.


Hi Aaron,

That’s the weird part - we change credentials on day 1 for both IG and emails that came with accounts yet accounts still got hijacked.

Did you log out the past session logins? Also change the emails themselves.

Login to IG
Do Email verification
Change email password
Change email on IG
Change IG password
Delete past sessions

The last part is important as if they have cookies or logged into another bot they can easily take ot back.

I gaved up on aged as its way to much effort. But this is what I did to stop getting hijacked. Issue is you need private emails to change as those get hijacked from sites too.

Hey there Chegyy, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. It has happened to all of us at some point, I must say. I would recommend continuing to test other suppliers until you find the best ones. We mostly get our accounts from dark stores, and we haven’t faced issues like hijacking, but we have seen that some of them have lower quality than others. As the guys mentioned over here, changing the passwords and all the details is a great idea.

when you change the credentials ( email,phone number,etc,…) on IG account, IG will send an email to old email on that account, Did you deleted that email ?

It does not matter. The original owner will still be able to get it back no matter what, on Twitter or Instagram, if they dig deeper. You can change emails and phone number as much as you want, the real owner will always have access to the original e-mail account and can get it back.

Which is a good thing, actually.

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Usually after a month passes on a new email its hard to claim with og email which is how people get scammed. Most of these bruted accounts come from Bangladesh and other poorer countries where they don’t know a lot about how to get accounts back. The brute crackers will change all details and clean and most will let them sit for a month.

The key is to change the email password. Log out users. Then add a new email that is not bought from a dodgy place ontop. Also change the ig password.

Alot of these ages accounts can be hacked easily. Even suppliers from marketplace as they use the same password. Ie a common one for aged ones was 5 random letters @yahoo.com or gmail.com. The password was the same for the whole batch.

A cracker could easily use a random letter generator for 5 letters non double and use that list along side the password and basically crack all the emails that havnt been changed. The ig passwords Usually had the same password to. So that same email and password can login to the ig.

This was like a year ago when I was using ages so hopefully they made the accounts safer. But at the time I used them they would have been very easy to crack. I can’t code so I never tried. But I know a guy that does and he resellls them to others. They can still get hijacked from other brute forcers so dont message me asking for details. Its a corrupt system.

No, we didn’t actually log out of the past sessions. Never thought about that. Now included that as a step in our system. Thanks

Good idea with private emails. It bumps the price a bit but if that solves the problem, then it’s worth an extra $0.30

But @denis1 says that no matter what we do - the original account owner will be able to retrieve the account back.
Leading to the point where everything goes down to finding a reliable supplier that won’t screw us up.

Although, I bought accounts from a dude that creates AI-made accounts made by his bot and the guy is very much involved and helpful in solving this puzzle yet we can’t get to the bottom of how the leak is happening :man_shrugging:

Now will test a few more suppliers, and will follow your suggestions in regard to logging out from existing sessions.
Will see if that helps the situation.

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Hey, thanks!

Mind sharing what dark stores you referring to?

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https://darkstore.biz/ :slight_smile:
You would also need to test the providers from there, but from our experience, it’s the best marketplace in terms of quality and pricing

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I second this.

regardless of any changes made to the account parameters, the original email address used to create the account will always be able to retrieve the account.