Hiring Instagram account manager, 1000+ accounts


I’m looking for an Instagram account manager, I need you to run/manage 1000+ accounts.

I’ll provide the content for account creation & targeting.

Your only job would be managing the accounts… you don’t need to worry about what niche, marketing, finding the content & targets… that’s my job.

Account manager should have: account creation solution & proxies.

I’m only looking for a skilled A player, I want to hire someone with the next 48 hours!

You should already be managing 1000+ accounts in order to apply for this gig.

Reach out to me with your rates, experience level & you’ll need to show me proof of you managing over 1000+ accounts.

Thanks :slight_smile:


How can I contact you to exchange work with you? . I am managing more than 1000 Instagram accounts along with a lot of unused Instagram accounts & a quality Proxy source.

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Inbox me your Skype

My skype : hadesfire774 . We can exchange jobs here

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Please check your inbox and reply me.

Can you guide me on how can you manage 1000 accounts?

Demand for IG services is very big now, people don’t want to lose their business, but there are no good working solutions. Just beware of scammers.