Hiring someone to send DM's

I was wondering if anyone found any benefits for having a bot or something send ppl DM’s?

I am a fitness influencer and I am trying to brainstorm ideas on how to grow on IG.

I was wondering if that would do anything?

Yes, there is Mother/Child. We do this to grow Instagram accounts using DM’s.

Could you maybe share exactly what you do?
Would appreciate it. Thanks

What exactly do you want to achieve with your account? Is your goal to inform users about your services and get new clients or your goal is to grow your profile with new followers? Sending DMs is a great way to get people interested in your profile. But you don’t have to hire anyone, you can use an automation tool, like Jarvee and set, track, and adjust this process on your own :slight_smile:

Follow the target follower. Once the target follower has followed back, we DM them to follow the mother account. This bypasses any risk or follow limits on the client account.

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We are doing mother and child method to mainly send DMs using child, if you’re interested by this please contact me via DM I’ll explain to you how we work and how we can help you

thanks bianca for your reply.

my goal is to grow my social media account and of course slowly start promoting packages etc.

you recommend this method then?

Yes, DMs can be a great way to attract people and to promote what you have to offer. First basic thing you can do is to send DM to each new follower, thank them for following you and say few basic things that could make them interested in your content. Later you can send them messages related to stuff you want to promote, you can do mother/child method that others mentioned here, etc. However, make sure to create strong, unique message content.