Hit a wall with this client

Okay so I do follow/unfollow method for this client, they ask me to message 20 at maximum per day offering there service, which is a betting tips subscription on telegram. They aren’t to happy with results, anyone got any tips or suggestions ?


Just explain to them you aren’t responsible for the results, they write the copy (message sent), and let them know that it’s possible to get better results by running more accounts, maybe offer some sort of discount if they run say 10 accounts with you.

They only have the one account, I’m thinking of asking them to let me message 100 people a day for better results, just seems such a hard niche tbh

Messaging that many people will get that account in all sorts of troubles, password changes, email confirmations, phone confirmations etc.
Sell them more accounts, message more people from them - profit?


Clients always want an ROI, in some cases that isn`t possible within their remit or niche, I would speak to them about what is required for an ROI - IME I would not accept any lost course as it can become messy later… The ones where you can add value and make the biggest impact are the keepers!


What’s the most dm per day u recommend ?

Thank you

Thanks I appreciate this!
What’s your take on dm limits?

Then it might be worth optimizing their bio & profile to get more conversions from their profile to signing up or tapping the link in their bio.

Perhaps also look into their feed posts and other ways they can educate or entertain their audience about their niche. Would help for retention too


Hello there :slight_smile:

A few suggestings:

  1. Make a 15 min call with the client and try to understand what is the funnel he is trying to create and how much every lead + every client worth for him (as the great guy mention before me ROI).

  2. Read the copy 2-3 times and try to think if you were the target audience - would you go with that?

  3. Try to use some spin text and not only 1 version of the copy.

  4. Try to think “outside the box”. people’s attention today (I know you heard that millions of times haha) is the most valuable thing today. their time, their eyes, to get it today and tomorrow will keep being challenging. send a DM that will make them feel like they must do that + respond, I always love to end my dm with a question :slight_smile:

  5. Have you checked your target audience? the follow-back ratio? maybe it’s you need better filtring/targeting.

After managing over 500 accounts I can definitely tell that good communication and honestly will always get you to a better place with your clients, speak with them and make sure you are doing your best to give them the best results :slight_smile:

**only my 2 cents and what’s working for me :slight_smile:


I don’t DM from the client’s account (M/S).

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I wouldn’t go over 20-25 DMs per day, but even those low limits could get you leads if you are targeting them correctly, so you should kind of revise users you are targeting and try to create better a bit warmer primary message that will show appreciation of users that you are contacting.

for better results, you should have the exact sources that you can convert into good results for your clients, don’t message random people, also,25-30 should be the account max, doing more will only hurt the account.

make sure that your client understands your services and that you are not responsible for the conversion rate.