Holding card ID Solution

Hello guys!

Facebook recently made a new anti-spam update that requests a photo of you holding a ID card…

Well, It is pretty simple if you have some kind of photoshop skills, you just have to make a search for a photo:


Select a photo that you can edit and make it look legit. I have tryed it without problem, just try to scroll enough looking for a photo in the google search :stuck_out_tongue:

See you soon :wink:

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come on that is impossible dude

i will send them this
it seem nice
but want it to be the midle finger


haha, this would be something if it worked :smiley: if anyone tries it do let us know so we can have a good laugh at fb

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Best answer :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The real solution is to revise your settings so you don’t get more than the odd one off ID request, not to start forging government documents.

Any verification requests are symptoms of a bigger problem that you’re doing something suspicious and getting flagged. Get better at walking that tightrope :slight_smile:


Proxies are a major issue to everyone nowadays :frowning:

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Absolutely @losek, get away from the crowds with your IPs and keep your mouth shut so your blocks don’t make blacklists. “Loose lips sink ships”. :slight_smile:

When your IP solution looks like this…

You can bet you’re going to have major problems, unwanted attention and get “de-railed” :joy:.


“get away from the crowds with your IPs and keep your mouth shut so your blocks don’t make blacklists”

Sorry about that, but i didn’t understand what you said here.

My language is no english so, my bad sorry… You seem to know really good how this game work…

Thank you for the reply btw!

:joy::joy::laughing: funny, and totally true… :smiley:


are You mad ?
certainly it looks mega stuipd and absolutely fake.
U Better don t do that

is ridiculous that they even ask for such personal information for verification. I know it sucks when they ban you, I just send them a picture of my cock, because fuck it, I ain’t getting the account back anyways, but this would traumatize the back end person doing the verification. If we all team up to send FB such pics, I am sure they will take down the system

im sure they will not

One way to find out …

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Dude… that is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Definitely agree though, FB deserve as many pictures of cocks sent to them as possible. Love it. :eggplant:

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