Hollys##t is this real? Can we use that in DP?

I’ve subscribe for one news email latter and they have said this site create people photo with AI which really didn’t exit on earth at all.


Can we use that on our social media profiles? Any pixel scientist who want to add their opinion?

More info -

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/aqom9e/thispersondoesnotexistcom/

  2. https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2019/2/15/18226005/ai-generated-fake-people-portraits-thispersondoesnotexist-stylegan

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I added that a few days ago. Having a unique pic is awesome. But you need to save that file and be half proficient in photoshop or spend a lot of time on a website like https://www196.lunapic.com/editor/
in case you need to be holding up a sign or something.

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But what if we want to use only in our DP?.

Can facebook or insta know that this is another Deepfake?

DP? Digital profile?

Possibly with exif data etc, but thats easy to fake. It’s better to have a unique pic than anything else.

No display picture, like profile picture on Facebook.

Sometimes Facebook ask for photo verification that time we can use this. Facebook instantly unblock account if you’ve unique and same picture as you’ve in your profile. We can use fake exif data so that they know we’ve taken that from some camera.

I think those who’re working on Facebook who do verification are not pro, they just do few reverse engineering like reverse image search, exif data, md5 and pixel matching algo etc…

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Lots of people around the forum just submit a fake photo or one from a fiverr. I think these would work much the same or better

But this is instant and look’s very promising :smile:

Yes, thats what I said. Just remember to keep that photo on file incase stuff.

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You don’t have to be a pixel scientist just use this site… I tried a couple pics and zero results for the pics thanks for posting that site.

The pics still use a lot of the same ‘backgrounds’ for the pictures. It should work but it will loose it’s ‘uniqueness’ very quickly.

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I mostly use images.google.com by uploading pic, that’s work fine for me.

That’s good point Facebook already can find what is inside the image. Hard to ignore image recognizance algorithm.