Home IP to Jarvee running on PC in my office

Hi all,

today I was wondering about connect my home IP address to jarvee. I have Jarvee on PC in my office and I would like to know if it is possible to use my home IP address to Jarvee. I need port, is it possible to create port and put it in some accounts like its working from my home and not my office? I know IP, I dont know port. Will it be working?

Thanks for all answers

You need to have your home pc working 24/7 and you need to install a software to transfom your pc into a proxy server. Yes, it will be working

Do exist some manual how to do it?

https://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+transform+your+pc+into+a+proxy+server :slight_smile:

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Another option is you could install Jarvee on your home PC then use a remote software to connect to it from your office PC.

That way you will get Jarvee running from your home IP and you’ll be able to access it from your office (you’ll have to look if your IT department allows remote software though).

The best is to run it on your home PC and if you want to manage it from the office use Teamviewer. it’s free and works! I’m doing this right now with no issues. (if you IT blocks Teamviewer you can always use the mobile version, I have it in my phone as well.)

You need both of these on your home router;

DDNS so when the IP changes it updates the internet. A free account with no-ip.com and a proxy server on the PC at home.

Port Redirection, ip address is the computer you have the proxy server running on try ccproxy.

I dont need to use it on my home PC, I just need to use that IP :slight_smile: Becasue I am using my IP iny office and when I will move it to my home pc, then I will need office IP :smiley:

Is not an easy setup if you don´t know your way around networking and setting up some stuff, so probably a much easier option is what @IGsocialize said, just install it on your PC and use teamviewer to manage it.