Hootsuite and Instagram Block

Hi everyone. I tried to search for this topic, but apparently it is new.
I’m considering using Hootsuite for managing my social accounts (Instagram included), and I’m curious to know if anybody here suffered blocks or problems from managing the profile from an external platform.
I considered also Jarvee, but I’m a Mac user
I currently use creator studio, but, since my business is growing I feel the need to have all my accounts concentrated in one and only deck to manage.
Any suggestions or experiences are absolutely welcome.

Thanks a lot for supporting!

No, Hootsuite does not give you blocks. In fact, the Hootsuite platform is an official Instagram solutions partner, and so you cannot get posting blocks from using Hootsuite.


I would also add that despite the tool you’re going to use (I use Jarvee, found it being really great help working on social marketing tasks on IG), you also should use some additional services such as proxies, because proxies can help you to work on automatic tasks and stay undetected, also they are good help if you’re approaching different geo locations. There are some great proxy providers that can be checked - smartproxy, geosurf, stormproxies - they all work with automatic tools and can help to avoid action blocks, IG algorithms and so on.

thanks so much for the advice

thanks a lot for explaining!

One thing to understand is that Hootsuite and Jarvee are very different ball game :slight_smile:

Hootsuite is an Instagram Approved Partner while Jarvee is an Automation Platform that goes against Instagram Terms of Service.

We switched away from using Later.com (same as Hootsuite) to using Facebook Creator Studio for all our FB and IG accounts.

FCS has more features, better analytics and it’s free :slight_smile: It’s also made by Facebook, so there is no risk at all and you can connect accounts and share them with users in your team for management. The only thing it does not have is scheduling of Stories, which is fine since Hootsuite/Later.com dont auto-post stories anyway.

For managing Pinterest, we use Tailwind. It is specialized for Pinterest has features that Hootsuite does not have (like The Loop).

Hope that helps!

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thanks so much for you opinion mate.

Hootsuite is approved by IG but it’s a broken software and beyond annoying with the invisible window thing…

If looking for IG approved partner softwares check out Later, Buffer, and Sprout Social. Heck even Planoly is leaps better than HS.

Jarvee is great but it’s not a scheduler/analytics tool it’s a full on Instagram bot but it is not an IG approved software meaning the risk is higher for blocks/bans

I would actually disagree about one thing, and that’s that in my experience Later has analytics features that outperform Facebook Creator Studio completely.

In the insights tab of your account, you can see your weekly overall impressions/reach. Later tracks this week to week and creates graphs that can date months back so you can get a perspective of the bigger picture. As far as I’m aware, FB creator studio does no such thing.

Especially with my content marketing clients, they want to know how many people they’re organically reaching per month, or at least it’s a figure of importance, so not having access to that is doing a disservice to me.

It also tracks accumulative link clicks, so for example you can see how many link clicks you’ve generated in the last 3 months from one instagram account.

Just my 2 cents, for me the extra price for Later even if it’s just for those insights is critical.

@LaurenceM yeah good point to clarify. Indeed for Instagram only last 7 days is available right now in Creator Studio and there is no way to change it.

For Engagement type analytics we use a different tool https://pro.livedune.ru/ where we have our accounts and competitor accounts to analyze and compare performance.


Interesting! I’ve been looking for something that just does analytics for a while, does it track impressions and chuck them into long-term graphs?