Hosted server suggestions

My in house systems are getting “tired” and will need to be upgraded or replaced. I have been considering a hosted server option but I am hesitant about not being able to physically fix the computer if it were to go down. I have an IT background so I am used to doing thing myself. What is the general consensus about hosted machines? Have you had issues where the machine when down and you couldn’t do anything but wait/hope they get it back up and running? What hosting companies can anyone recommend? I see Hetzner mentioned a lot but they are in Europe I believe, would that matter being so many router hops away? Is Amazon AWS a viable option?

I’ve never encountered an issue but one time, 3 years using it. If the company is decent the servers should always be online.

No. Peering via DE-CIX (Frankfurt) is excellent.
What is the actual purpose of the server? Jarvee?


Thanks for the replies.