How a Chinese Email Bulk Service Allowed Me to Make Millions Online with Influencer Marketing

I’ve been receiving numerous messages lately regarding the millions of emails I’ve sent and the Chinese server I used. I didn’t mention the server’s name in the threads because I don’t want Mpsocial to think I’m trying to sell anything. Besides, the Chinese email server isn’t open to the public; access is only through me.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into how this works and how it helped me make millions through influencer marketing:

Steps before sending:

  1. Clean your lists: Avoid bounce rates and prevent your lists from getting blocked within the server.
  2. Connect the domains: Use the domains you wish to send emails from.
  3. Upload the scripts: Prepare the email content you want to send.

Open rates:

The open rates aren’t the best, ranging from 6-15 percent. This means that out of 1 million sends, around 60k-150k people open the emails. Despite the low open rates, I still made over $30k per million emails sent, thanks to strong offers and effective influencer marketing strategies.

When you start sending, open rates are around 16-18 percent. However, as you start sending millions of emails, it drops to the 6-12 percent range.

To maintain satisfactory open rates, I used to buy a new private IP whenever the rates dropped. The cost was around $450 for a new IP.

Costs per million sends:

  • The cost is around $1.4k per million sends. This is the minimum if you want to test this system, as they don’t accept less than 1 million due to the need for a new IP just for you.
  • Buying multiple millions at a time reduces the cost.

I’m not affiliated with them or anything; I’m simply showing the community what’s possible. I sent millions of emails with this service, and despite the low open rates, it definitely worked based on my results. If you need to send millions of emails, let me know, and I will speak to them to set it up for you.

I’ve attached some pictures below so you can see how the system looks inside and some of my open rates.

Screenshot 2024-06-07 070550

Are you sure you’re not the creator or a close partner to this business? Access is only through you :wink:

$450 for a new IP? It must be a parallel universe IP or something…

I am sorry, but these 2 points gave me a skeptical opinion about the whole post, and I think I won’t be the only one. Enlightning this will definitely bring some more credibility to your thread :+1:


Well if you want overpriced packages , go ahead

Yes, the 450$ cost for a IP seems way too unrealistic, so you should add the cost of 1.4k $ per million sends as well.

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its a dedicated IP, this is not mandatory, only if you need it.

OP did this same dm fishing thread on bhw to get messaged about the “secret” server and scam you

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at this point you just hating. I didnt scam anyone and you just spreading negativity.

Didn’t see anything on there that would suggest scam. However, he is probably promoting his own services or something that benefits him in some other way.

well instead on focusing on what i can gain from this post, focus on what other people can benefit from using these services. Just want to help people by showing what worked for me