How about doing only liking instead of liking +follow / unfollow [CPA accounts]


I’m setting up 20 accounts at the moment and I already experience some bans that are triggerd by followings. I also see that if I increase daily likes and stop following/unfollow people its more unluckly to get ban.

My questions is: Does someone has any expierence with only send likes and no follows at all and still get enough click on the cpa link in bio?


I never tried it. Why don’t you test it for 2-3 days and see the results?, let us know how it went :slight_smile:

Good idea, I’m going to test this on one account. It normally generates 3-10 clicks per day. Lets see what happens.

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I get 300-400 following per day, around 10 clicks per day. All from likes only. Following and unfollowing doesn;t seem to do much for the account.

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I’ve tested almost 2 days now with 5 accounts liking 300/400.
Literally one click came out. I think its not working.

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Since you guys are willing to share how many clicks you’re getting, would you mind contributing to this thread?:

I’m hoping that we can get as many people contributing as possible and build up some sort of average “click expectation per account”.