How about Instagram apply a little compassion in this time?

How about the likes of Instagram lend a little compassion in this time ( i know that will be hard for them to do) and give all those people who their unjustifiably had their accounts deleted for no reason ( such as i ) . Why can Instagram cut the red tape and allow them to have access to their account again???

I feel you but I wish it were that easy. Maybe in the future they’ll have a better way to get in contact with them.

Somehow i doubt that they will ever consider the consumer . I feel they have merely mimmicked Twitter and more about their still algorithms rather than content and interests of the masses.

I was nieve and thought that numbers will bring in even more popularity for instagram, but it seems that they have become to big for their boots in the same way as Twitter. They both have no rivials so feel they are invisible and can treat creators like dog poo. My page ( which i have been creating for months) was automatically deleted for no reason and i remained to shadowbanned by them

Come on dude…don’t beg…Instagram is a business.
Only one type of ban is ireversable and that is copyright ban,check your emails under Social to see if you have a copyright strike.
If not, try to apeal you will recover it 100%

people, ones who have lives, family, kids are dead. grave dead. don’t you think your priorities are little off?


Like i said, my page got deleted - no warning, no emails advising why my page was deleted . When i wrote to them and eventually recieved a reply i was just asked to produce my ID . Which when i signed up , i did not sign up with that as it was just page dedicated to my hobby.

I did not mean to sound insensitive to the current situation. I was just saying

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Insta is a business. Profits, shareholders come first. – an account disabled, banned, action blocked – frankly don’t mean anything to them. lets say 1 million accounts disabled, they have a few billion more.

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Obviously they do not, until some competitor comes along and steals their thunder, which i pray for

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Ever heard of TikTok? TikTok is not really taking followers away, it’s taking something just as valuable or even more – time away from using Instagram – Usage. TikTok is addictive to use and be in.

I have , but it does not operate in the same fashion as Instagram and Twitter. By that, it only works as an App rather than a feature that can be used online :joy: