How are big private meme pages still accepting large amounts of people?

I know people use to go from public to private and that would accept all there followers. well that all changed with the new update. If you go public to private method you will get blocked and only be able to accept around 100 people a day manually.

What i’m mainly trying to figure out is how this big private meme pages are still accepting large amounts of people. My only guess is a bot that auto accepts them. But I don’t know any ideas?

There is a script availaible for that and I have personally used it,works like a charm.

I had directly tested it on and totally stable and working.

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how do you get it?

I don’t remember where did I get it from but you can check on and you might get it,or else check github too.

They have auto acceptor bots. You can find them on Telegram

can you be a little more clear on how to find them? I dont know how to use telegram

Can you link some please?

can you share link?

@Dr_Death @plucker @Ben_Corry

A lot of meme, babes accounts are using them when they go private.
Haven’t used this tool, so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work. Also, use at your own risk as I don’t know if they have virus or anything else. It’s not mine!