How are SMM Agencys accessing Clients accounts?

Hey guys, last year I worked in my first Ecom Job at a big Fashion Retailer. We had an Agency handle all of our IG Accounts and other Platforms for us.

Obviously all they did was whitehat stuff, but I never heard our inhose Social Media Manager talk about proxys / IP’s or so, I don’t think he would even know what a proxy is.

So I wanted to know how those Whitehat Agencys and Social Managers access their clients accounts without getting banned, blocks, accounts linked or anything, since that doesn’t seem to be a big topic in the whitehat community. Has anyone info on that?

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They probably used proxies from the same countries as their clients or used the facebook creator studio.

Depends what actions they were doing. Follow/ unfollow isnt considered white hat by most

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I have a couple of accounts outsourced to someone (personally trained /logged in on the phone/different IP from mine).
They do roughly 20-50 comments a day and 150+ likes per day
And I do my own liking for my phone too + stories roughly 150+ as well.
( no following)

We never get any TL or any blocks
The account is also new as well.

So manual/ with proper phone connection can definitely make a difference. However, we are not doing any follow/unfollow which is probably helping too

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Well tbh I can’t remember what actions they were exactly doing aside from content posting, but they were definetly doing F/UF aswell. So they would have to have some kind of setup with proxies and anti detect browser, even if they were doing actions manual right?

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Yeah, they would need private browsers and proxies. They would have that covered and just not told you. I don’t share my setup with people that work for me.

@Nieco new accounts are a lot easier to handle than client accounts. When clients try use their account when you are, it can cause issues. So, communication with the client has to be done.

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