How are you getting traffic FROM Instagram?

Hey, I’ve got a couple accounts on Instagram with about 1600 followers at this point.

From each, I don’t get more than a couple clicks a day through to my website.

Obviously, I have a link in the description… I’m just testing out changing the link when I post an article teaser image.

What have you found to be the best way to get people to click through to your website from Instagram, other than just having a link and a CTA in the description?

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Hey Mateo,

What worked for me is liking another user posts and sending them a message as well.

It also depends on your target audience. Make sure that the users, which are being targeted either by a follow,like,message etc…, can relate to the site you are promoting. I am not an expert or anything but for sure targeting the correct users plays a big role in your CTR.

See Adnan tutorial on how to setup Mass Planner for liking and sending message after a follow. It even has the Mass Planner settings for you too copy :

Good luck :+1:


content marketing plays a big role in website traffic. The better your content addresses pain points and challenges your audience may have, the easier transition you should have to your website


Thanks! I’ll test that out.

thanks! great information here

Like Jay said, for single accounts “a couple accounts” content marketing is everything. The only other way is getting hundreds of accounts and making those few clicks per account into thousands total.

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You need to make sure that you establish a good enough relationship with your followers so they will actually want to go to your website. If you are not adding value to them, then they will not reward you.