How are you guys doing on Automation?

Hey Guys! :smiley:
I believe that there are not that many interactions on this forum right now when it comes to Instagram. So just asking.
Are you still in the Automation Game?
What are your average Results right now?
Would love to hear from you guys. :grin:

Running over 600 accounts on jarvee. Last week was abit of mayhem as most people experienced. Heard of a few people losing 100-1000s accounts. Just got to roll with the punches.

Yeah mpsocial is not what it used to be unfortunately.
Are you using jarvee or a private bot?

Yes, still playing the game and getting good results :slight_smile:

Many other users still do, they just don’t interact more here, and the same thing for many forums, people don’t share more tips and what methods work for them, and I think we all know why :slight_smile:

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True. But even on the higher levels which you can not get so fast or some people even ever, there is not a lot of communication sadly.

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You are right, let’s hope for more people sharing their thoughts :slight_smile:

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hey bro do you use physical sims or just keep everything virtual?

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Lots of marketers gave up on Instagram automation, which makes less and less discussions to create over the months. Most of the ones that are things running, also, aren’t very present on the forums (the more you got clients, the less you spend time reading threads).

Also, due to the difficulty compared to 3 years ago, most decided to keep their settings / setups for themselves, if working good.

In my opinion, the exchange of informations from experts changed over the years to other apps/platforms. I’m in the IG game since 6 years and with my first scripted bot I was able to generate 2000 targeted followers per day. Years ago - good old days. I got the first informations/ideas out of forums like these.

One year ago, I answered in another forum a question about IG api. I know how to reverse, so I got asked if I want to join a private discord group where a lot of coders and other experts hang out. In groups like this, the exchange of informations is really fast. API changes, hitting new limits, ban waves whatever. Daily discussions about ig updates etc., new ideas, tips and tricks you would never find in public forums. Most of these experts don’t use forums anymore, because they’re just upset about questions like “what is the best proxy?” or “questions about Jarvee”. Not because they want to appear elitist or are snooty. They just got older in the business. Everyone is using custom build bots or scripts for their needs. Don’t misunderstood me: they don’t want to keep their knowledge to themselves, since they started all in forums like these, but most of them can’t answer questions about Jarvee anymore, because they never used it. As a result, most of them are only active in private chat groups where more demanding topics are discussed.


Everything is physical. Had terrible luck with sms services

I Haven’t been on forum for few months. My friend shared a wave thread with me and see everyone panicking.

To anyone who is reading this, stop crying and just create more accounts. Recover the lost ones, it will take some time but you can get them back. If you got 1000 accs disabled, let’s just create 3000 more. Mp will never be the long term solution if you want 100% of accounts to last for years, just make peace with it. Keep up the good work!

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Still using Jarvee and continuously getting great results. I prefer keeping it slow and steady (did not increase the values gradually anymore) since it still gives me growth and my accounts are kept safe even if there are changes implemented by IG.

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Can you share more information, Are you using API or EB, what kind of proxies? how many actions? Thank you

Well, it does come down to the fact of headache vs profitability, it used to be much easier and things are getting harder. Of course, you can still get results but I personally decided to scale down my operations to a manageable/low effort level and focus my business efforts on other areas where it’s much less headache and the amount of time put into it delivers better $.

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