How are you guys doing with Instagram + E-commerce?

Just wondering how others are doing. Right now I’m using Shopify and running a couple accounts but have yet to make any sales :frowning:

Made one account advertising t-shirts and some figurines for a certain niche. Gathered about 3000 followers so far, and each new post gets like 400 likes, but still no sales.

Started another account/niche recently my newest post last night got like 60 likes, but in the same boat for getting sales.

Are any of you guys having success? Any tips for a newbie? :stuck_out_tongue: I know I should probably have more niches and more accounts, but I guess I’m just trying to verify that things work before scaling.

Also just thought I would mention, I’m using Shopify as a general online store, except listing the products in categories, and then having each IG account link to that category page. However, I’m using Adren’s Facebook prelander idea for my website link on IG, so I’m wondering if that could be effecting my sales negatively. Like the click on my website link on IG, and then they’re brought to a Facebook post where they have to click to go to the Shopify store.

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Hi, are you getting comments on your postings? How do your followers interact with your pics? Are you posting niche related content or are you just posting your shirts? Are you dropshipping from aliexpress or make your own POD clothes?

What I found to be the best thing to do is to connect with your audience and build up a brand. You can imagine, if you see something you aren´t emotionaly attached to, on insta, you propably will leave a like because insta is about likes. but if you love the message or a certain style of postings / apparel you will come back for more.

Posting random shirts will propably not be the best thing to do. Try do be unique and your audience will love it.

What you also should do is to make your account a business account and attach it to facebook, if not done yet.
This allows you to check up the analytics of your audience like a pro and also RETARGET your audience with FB Ads, which is the holy grail!

I hope it helps!

Not getting too many comments. Usually between 0 and 6. Not really sure what you mean by how they interact. Right now I’ve only posted tshirts related to the niche (as well as the figurines). Not sure if that would be considered as posting “niche related content”. And yes, I am dropshipping from aliexpress :stuck_out_tongue: But only for the figurines. For the shirts I am using teespring. Figured I could just add it in Shopify as a product, and if one sells then I will order through Teespring.

Anyways :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks alot for the information. I guess in my head I feel like the shirts are unique, because they are related to that niche. Well… related in the sense like… say if I were to follow people who interact with other Instagram accounts that have to do with ninja turtles. And then I have ninja turtle related products posted there.

Maybe I’ll try that with the business account stuff. I thought I heard on here that business accounts lower your interaction or something, but I’ll have to look into that.


Well you could try to tag some of your followers on the pictures to increase the comment rate. I think if someone likes a post and comment on it, it´s more possible to reach more people ( please correct me if I´m wrong, that´s my experience )

I make something similar, dropshipping tshirts on teespring but I started with posting content and build a little fanbase. as soon I hit 2k on my account I made a giveaway post with a nice design, told them to tag friends tec, I actually wanted them to engage more. And I work with direct messages, this is something you could try as well but not simply: here get my shit :smiley: but be more random and don´t try to sell them in the first place. That´s how you build up a fanbase.

If someone likes ninja turtle shirts but don´t want to buy now, they will sure buy a shirt later from someone who engaged with them most. And try to be consistent with your postings. Choose a subtheme like a certain color scheme or somehing people recognize, so next time they are at a zoo and see some turtles they think of your ninja turtle on pink background.

If you want to get serious in selling stuff you should be also trying to reach your audience on other channels, like a marketing mix. IG, FB, a nice SEO Blog and than hit them with a nice E-Mail sequence. Than you can set up a selling funnel and warm your audience up.