How are you guys gaining on TikTok?

Is buying shoutouts on TikTok even a thing right now or is it not possible?

How are you guys gaining followers currently?


Apparently, posting shit is enough for TikTok,

Try to post whatever you want, you could get millions of views / likes and followers with it !

TikTok … :sweat_smile:


is TIKTOK currently working on MPsocial ?

This is very true haha

I repost content from Youtube and Instagram as often as possible(sometimes 5-7 times a day). I also use Autotokker for my automation. :+1:

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Wish autotokker showed us some sort of dashboard with some analytics

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No kidding. Update can’t come soon enough

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TikTok is Currently the top VIdeo Sharing platform for creators. Top Social Media Platform is talking about it. Even facebook wanted to buy the company, but unfortunate for them it did not happen. and the interesting thing is Tiktok’s most userbase is in India.

So getting back to your answer, you have to do the following things:

1. Follow and Unfollow the Most Popular users

Follow top influencers and get followed by them. Follow and unfollow them, till they follow. interestingly this works.

2. Make Your Profile Look Charming

Content is KIng, upload regularly, complete your profile. Upload unique content

3. Participate in Viral Challenges

Following the latest social media trends is important, copy what is trending

4. Post Your Videos on Other Social Networks

Share your content across different social media.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Collaborate with Others

Colab with trending creators.

6. Use Video Editing Apps to Make Impressive Videos

Spend time with editing when you start growing

7. Post New Content At Magic Hours

Sharing new content at least twice a day will eventually get you a massive following, The magic posting hours on TikTok are between 11 am and 5 pm as your followers and their friends are most likely to use the app in that time frame

Don’t Get Frustrated

This is the most important steps

It takes time to get followers and likes at the beginning. since competition is more here.


There are few social ranking teams who can give you the boost to get likes and followers , but finding a reliable team is the key.

After researching online and with some initial disappointments, finally, I found one interesting Social Media Marketing Team, socialrankPRO They have competitive pricing, good customer support with live chat, 100% refill guarantee, etc. Moreover, they provide 100% real TikTok users. Just check their website and initiate a live chat, they will suggest appropriate packages for you.

Tips for TikTok


Can you post the analytics to the accounts you currently have grown, and the success you have had on TikTok?