How are you guys making money with jarvee?

It seems many people still use Jarvee for instagram automation.
How are you guys making money using Jarvee?

Do you run accounts for clients? Bring clients leads?

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Maybe @heroeslair can help you with this

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Most people that use Jarvee are either doing Follow/ unfollow or MS. Whether this is for their own business or someone else’s.

  1. Follow/ Unfollow is easier to do, but it’s more risk and harder to sell. If you kill a client account you may get your rep destroyed.
  2. Mother/Slave Is a lot harder and very expensive to run at scale. So, you will need money to invest.

For both of these, you must spend at least 3 months learning and testing. Most will take 6 months at least. You can focus on just growth or bringing in specific targeted followers for bussiness sales.

The other things you can do are better done on other bots that are more designed for that type of service.

  1. Mass dms- Jarvee is CPU heavy so it’s not wise to use it for spamming
  2. Leads for bussiness. You are better off hiring a coder to make you a multi-threaded scraper that can filter what you need. Jarvee is built more for growth and not mass scraping.

If you are just starting on jarvee I suggest you learn the basics. Run your own main account on it so you know what is at risk. Make some dummy accounts and test them also.

It took me about 6 months to have the confidence to want to take on clients. Making money using Jarvee is not easy so be preapred to work hard.


Using Jarvee is often passive money making/lead generation. One example is to scrape users who follow posts with specific keywords and use targeted advertising to reach to those users. If you’re product is promising, they might convert.

Doing F/U and Mother/Child for growing IG accounts, scraping Emails, running Linkedin and Facebook accounts, etc. There are many, many options.