How can a photographer sells prints and books

I’v always kept this on the side but my photography account is now close 30k and i’m wondering if i’m letting $$ sleepings…
Do you think a 30k (3k likes) photo accounf could generate $$ sellings prints and book?
What would be your advice to do so without making my home a factory full of books and prints.
I mean is there a way to sels prints wordwide without actualy printing them ans posting them myself?
averytime I goole for it i just find small local shops …
thanks for you help :wink:

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i am new also need other help reply

This based on me creating magazines and print-on-demand right now is not really great for generating income.

  1. Do you have a website? If you don’t you should. The website must known to people following you. And there, I suggest, if you have not yet, create a mailing list. They will be the first people to pay for your books.

  2. How much are your engagement? Are people commenting and really love your content? Anyone suggested to print a book? If so, this is a good sign, but then again, the price of the print-on-demand is very high, so we have people backing out because of it. Having cheaper prints means you need to order bulk. And that will only be sent to one shipping address. And that means, you need to pay for shipping for all the orders. Peecho is the place to go for printing on demand.

  3. The thing about Instagram is, it’s digital. Most people follow you because you great contents, but doesn’t mean they will buy your book, unless, you are known as an author. Also, I will give you an example of how much would be. 150 pages is around $45, and you can mark up 20% (for example) for your commission. 20% is not much.

  4. Let us say, you have great followers, mailing lists and they are willing to pay for that. But, now, you need to consider exclusive, non-published contents. People won’t buy what they already have seen on your feed. And, of course, the design. Most people buy the magazine, if the magazine is colorful. Try to create 2 versions. A minimal and colorful ones.

  5. Now, you have established that you have exclusive contents, you need people to talk about it. That’s where B2B comes in. Best way, is to approach people to be part of your publication. You don’t have to pay them. Make them your guests. They will help to spread the news. When you publish, give them free codes to purchase without markups. And the important thing is, make sure they sign your terms and conditions.

  6. It’s better if you create a book first… free one. Get customers experience what kind of books do you have.

it i just find small local shops …

Most of these local shops are provided by publishers. Publishers require a lot of information from you. But the best way is to approach a publisher and tell them what you want.

Good luck with this and let us know if you have done any steps and your progress.


Prints definitely work.
Keep repeating your URL, and pricing. Include this with every post in the captions.
You will need a solid shop, etsy can be ok for the start.

ok very interesting answers. that makes me think that I could start to make a “contest” for a free print to test the market…
How would you make it? like “comment with the name of 5 friends to get a chance of being selected for a free print”? or repost your favorite photo with @xxxx in caption to get a chance… what would make the more traffic?

You can try that method. Do it, it will, at might work for you. Honestly, the only person who could answer that is, you. You are the only person knows what your followers want. You know demographics. You know how they comment. You know if they are really fans of yours. So I would suggest for you to try it.

I suggest if you do that, use Instagram Stories to let them know what you are cooking… for a week. Don’t spill all information about at once. And post where your most followers are active. For me, Instagram Stories has more reach than my feed posts.

Then… a week after, invest another week to post about your project (9 posts max I suggest in that week).

Day 1. Recap abour your Instagram Stories. (As you have noticed on my Instagram Stories…)

Day 2. Ask questions on your post. (give them
better hints)

Day 3-6. Just keep giving them excitment about your project…

Day 7. The revelation. This is where you announce your project and that you are (insert promotion).
Include things like:
Tag me with your photos if you want to be a part of the project. (but it’s up to you if you want other people get involved)
Use #makeabookalex (for example) for you know if you have their support.
Repost this so I can give you a free copy. (limited copies to be given).

I’m excited for you! And I do love photography books specially with really great contents. This free book contenys (for example) can be used to promote your next book.

Good luck!