How can create my bots army for instagram/YouTube/fb

How can create my bots army for instagram/YouTube/fb ?

You should probably be more specific otherwise no one will help you

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Didn’t get you buddy what u acctually want to ask

I’m going to hazard a guess and say learn to use automation software and get a decent proxy supplier! But what part of the learning curve are you at right now?

Are you going to run those accounts in Jarvee?
Creating accounts for an automation tool is hard if you don’t have good proxies. I would suggest you buy aged HQ accounts from an account provider instead of creating them by yourself. You can check out #public-marketplace on this forum to buy accounts.

Why buy an old account ?

old accounts have more trust when it comes to automation they will make things relatively easy for you.

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For non-experts in IG automation, aged accounts are a very good choice. I wouldn’t rush with fresh accounts if one is just starting

Do you mean creating a lot of bot accounts from those social platforms?

YES I want to create more 500 accounts

Mobile proxies with API for rotation. And a pva website. And you’re good to go

It is impossible to run bots on instagram now a days with any well known software as instagram AI is very smart now a days and you will run into batch of troubles when doing it.

It’s hard but it’s not impossible. I personally still use an automation software and I know some people who are still using it too. If you run into those block or verification issues, most likely there’s something wrong with the way to set up your accounts or your proxies are not working well for IG automation.