How can i collaborate with brands on instagram with 50k

Can you share with us any methods or sites to start collaborate with brands on instagram page more than 50k

are you looking for 50k pages that can collaborate with your brand or do you have a 50k and you want to get some brands to work with you? in both cases DM’s should b a good start, you can use Jarvee to scrape the data (pages, brands) that you can contact, the ones that you think they might be interested and then DM them.

Jarvee has a lot of filters that can help you with the scraping process you can check that and see how it goes

Not sure what sort of collaboration are you looking for with those IG users? If it’s something that they will benefit of, you can DM them and if they find it lucrative, you’ll probably get an answer.
As Luca said, you can use Jarvee to scrape those users and then to contact them via Contact tool.

I have a page with 50k
I look fordoing ads to others

okay, so start with small companies and pages, contact them via DM’s that you can offer them some shoutouts

Craft a good cold contact DM and get to work: Make your page look professional, use an example of previous work if you can, and pitch at the right targets.

It will work even better if you can break the ice with them beforehand - like their posts, comment something useful, or follow them.

Who you target will very much depend on what type of page you have.

It depends on what kind of page you are running? I run a 160k repost account so do shoutouts for ecom stores and products in my niche

You can list your account on . Also find smaller pages in your niche then DM them to offer a shoutout. You need to convince those people that they can benefit from your shoutouts.

What worked best for me was to reach out to them by email. With a strong and valuable content in your text, many will reply back, and you close your deal(s) with a call afterwards.

First big collaborations were at 10k for me - so with 50 or 100k, you can step up your game pretty easy

Yes, I assume Emailing would be a good idea too especially if it’s something they can benefit of.

Thank you guys
Sometimes i do ads and shoutouts for other but not a lot of them, maybe 2 or 3 shoutouts a month

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