How can I comment on posts the second they come out?

Is there a way I can comment on certain users posts the second they come out?

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you activate the post notification in the oage that interest you ,( when you click on the follow to follow the page then in the same button you see an arrow you click it and there you can activate notification for posts & stories and somethings else that i dont remember

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It’s just a case of getting there as soon as you see the notification, but even then sometimes the notifications come through slow.

Are you talking about Jarvee or the Instagram App?

My account got blocked for some reason but I mean on JV. How would I automate it if its even possible?

do not mention software names please

Is it possible to do that on JV or MP?

You can probably setup Jarvee to comment on one specific user and set the intervals/timers short to keep searching for when a new post to pop up (most also post at a certain time so you can turn on the search around that period)

Just curious, why that’s not good think to do?

its rules of the forum itself, unless you want to get banned

But can I automate it with MP?