How can I find profile that I created Twitter Mention Campaign?

Hi MP,
I recently created Twitter mentions and after creating spyntax messages etc, I sent to the campaign. I got my first online sale =D and wanted to go back to tweak and spin the message a bit more but do not remember which profile I created the campaign in. Is there a way to find out?

Not really :slight_smile: go through them till you find the one

btw, congrats on the sale :wink:

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Hey Dondodda,

One doesn’t create the campaign in a profile. When you create a campaign you specify via “destination lists” which social profiles the campaign posts to. So, you won’t find the campaign in a social profile - look at the “Campaigns” tab to find your campaign.

mentions are created from the mention tool of twitter and that’s from a certain profile :slight_smile: that is what he’s trying to find… the original profile that created the posts so he can edit that.

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Yup, this is definitely one that would be great for the feature request especially for those with over 50+ accounts.

i think it would be faster if you’d just remember the account or maybe add an account and name it Mentions or something that does only this…

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